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Terance Mann, a top 90 recruit a year ago, could receive more opportunities as a sophomore after shooting extremely well inside the arc as a freshman. The most interesting possibility is 6-6 sophomore Rex Pflueger, a top 100 recruit last year that gained notoriety after hitting a last second shot against Stephen F. Austin to put the Irish in the Sweet 16. Pflueger served primarily as a defensive specialist as a freshman and didn’t look for his shot very often, but he had a reputation as a strong shooter coming out of high school; more importantly, he’s an excellent passer that finished with a nearly 4 to 1 assist to turnover ratio with limited opportunities. · Put vanity top in dumpster or a safe location if you are reusing the vanity top. We could cure cancer, we could stop hunger, we could make this planet a safe haven for all life to live as it was meant to live.

The items in instructional above are all safe for reptiles. Offensive efficiency could again be a mild issue (the Cardinals were 98th in assist to turnover ratio last season) with just one player with point guard skills available, and there’s no telling how well they might shoot from the perimeter, but the Cardinals are going to physically overwhelm people at times. 6-9 junior Jaylen Johnson started most of the season at power forward, although he was the least productive player per minute in most categories. There are 5 players that would be starting, if not starring, for most Division I teams, 3 that are legitimate NBA prospects, and none that can reasonably play any position other than power forward and center. A top 10 recruit, Isaac is athletic, long armed, and 6-11. A very thin work in progress that can’t defend the post, he will almost certainly be asked to play out of position at power forward, but he should rebound and fit nicely into the offense with his ability to create his own midrange shot.

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Isaac will certainly be a huge step up from Montay Brandon, who was even more out of place at power forward and had a bizarrely ineffective senior season despite playing nearly 20 minutes per game. 6-9 senior Jarquez Smith will be an option at center; he’s hardly a dominating post presence, but he did manage a block a game in 14.4 minutes. The best case scenario in the post would be if 7-4 Christ Koumadje, an extremely mobile and athletic project, were ready to contribute as a shotblocker and rebounder as a sophomore. Florida State neither shoots (195th in 3pt% before losing their three best shooters) nor defends (271st in 3pt.% defense) the 3, which is even more of a problem now with the changes in play that resulted from the shortened shot clock, and the offense is stagnant and breeds inefficiency. Florida State always has a problem with offensive efficiency due to an offense that depends primarily on players creating their own shot.

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6-1 junior Matt Farrell started several games beside Jackson in the NCAA Tournament; while he is a smart player that understands what needs to happen for the offense to be successful, he’s limited athletically and can’t get off his shot quickly. There is no obvious future NBA player around to take over this season, so offense is likely to become a bit more interesting. Part of that improvement came as Xavier Rathan-Mayes (11.8 ppg., 4.4 apg.), a combo guard that has been running the offense for two years, cut down on his turnovers as a sophomore. I’ve got a 3rd grader who needs to get these down to make math easier. Do you know how your heart works, how food is broken down and distributed, how the air is used when you breathe? Statistically, this looks like one of the best teams Leonard Hamilton has ever put on the floor; they defend well (20th in fg% defense), perhaps more importantly for the team’s progress they defend the 3 well (26th), and they take care of the basketball (52nd in assist to turnover ratio) – it really looks like a completely different team. Junior Anais Mahmoud is 7-0, remarkably agile, a creative passer, and the teams best per minute shot blocker (1.4 bpg.

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