My New Kitchen Counter Top-From The Start To A Beautiful Finish

It will be more expensive than the other choices, and will involve cutting tiles, and grouting. That more than doubled the price of the countertop so we decided to save some money and install it ourselves. It was a big decision but keep in mind that their installation price is for the counter top only. Remove the many screws holding the counter top on the cabinets and dishwasher. I updated my counters in November of 2009, and so far they are holding up well. I was holding the faucet in place while it was being secured and realized the handle was backwards. Wipe off the excess caulk that squished out while the sink was secured in place. Egypt gift shops Countertop Vessel Oxidized Copper Handles Design Bathroom Pan Panning Sink Toilet Lavatory Wash Basin Buy Now Another project complete! We did have to buy some new supplies to complete the plumbing and make it fit the new sink, drains and faucet. If they are not going to do the installation they require you to “accurately” measure the counter top, submit those measurements and take full responsibility if the counter top does not fit.

My New Kitchen Counter Top-From The Start To A Beautiful Finish the fitting in

We thought we would have to cut the sink hole ourselves, weren’t quite sure how they knew what size to cut and worried the sink would not fit. The first thing you have to do is remove the existing sink and faucet. Next you will install the new faucet. You will also feel happier when you cook and spend time in your kitchen. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. It can be obtained at any home improvement store, in a lot of different colors and patterns. Advice from some friends in the trades lead me to Menards and Home Depot where I picked out some laminate samples that would compliment the walls and appliances. In a previous hub of mine, I wrote about my faux tile backsplash walls. Good hub. Voted up. Great hub and the photos are amazing. That must have been a great feeling to accomplish a DIY project like that!

They created a computerized graphic of the finished project and cost estimate. It does feel good to accomplish such a project and I’m glad you like how it turned out. Give old tile and grout new life with Epoxy paint, skip the tear out! These surprises turned out to be blessings that made the installation so much easier. It was a great feeling and much cheaper, DIYmommy. Thanks so much for stopping by and voting. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. Your new kitchen looked so nice and tidy! Thanks, ishwaryaa and thumbi! I appreciate your very nice comments. As Ishwaryaa commented, in India, we hardly do these things ourselves because we don’t know how to do it. You know who I am talking about. Looks fantastic. And who says women cant do DIY? If you want to read another hubbers experience with this, read the article “My affordable DIY kitchen remodel”, by Robertbloggert.

My New Kitchen Counter Top-From The Start To A Beautiful Finish for promoting your

Women certainly can DIY. You can polish the cabinet fronts and they look like new! His countertops look flawless with this technique. To finish my project, after the tissue pieces had dried, I painted the countertops with three coats of varnish. The counter top will not lay flat when dropped in place if pieces of the staples remain. Lay the counter top on the cabinets and gently slide into position. We were also surprised the counter top came in one piece as it was a custom size and we were told we would have to screw those angled pieces together and fill in any gaps with our custom colored caulk. Hint: They stapled plastic pieces on the corners for protection during shipping. Plastic laminate is another option. Don’t just rip off the plastic pieces. I tore brown, silver, purple, and gold tissue paper into small pieces. The contact paper made for appliances worked pretty good.

My New Kitchen Counter Top-From The Start To A Beautiful Finish Thanks so much for

Wouldn’t a new refrigerator or “under-counter” TV look good? It was time consuming and a little labor intensive but it looks sooo good and saved us quite a bit of money! My oven and two burners quit working, so it was finally time to just break down and buy a new one. Note that you will have to buy drain fittings/basket assemblies separately. And, with the money you save, you might be able to buy something special for your kitchen. The sales persons at most home stores are very knowledgeable, and could answer questions you might have on what type of paint to use. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I appreciate your vote up and your comments! 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Next you will install the drain fittings. Put Plumbers Putty around the top flange of the drain and drop the fitting in. I knew that I wanted a chocolate brown for the base color, and then a splash of a few other colors on top of that base. We measured (a few times to be sure) and drew a picture with the many measurements, arrows and explanations and placed the order.