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In the US there are thin cheap gable mounts that are only good for small light weight TV antennas and attach to the facia and also larger but still flimsy brackets that mount to the wall and protrude a little past the roof overhang. At the time I thought it was my fault for not teaching myself to use the washing machine, cook or fix a hole in the wall. There are various sealants available that can waterproof the hole and you can pull a little cable out of the hole, goop it with sealant then stick it back in pulling sealant into the hole. Can you get mounts to support a number of antennas or should there be a pole per antenna? These are much stronger than most commercially available wall mounts. How to shield holes in wall from draft/weather? Don’t dig into the wall any more. Controlling anger is more preventative than anything else. Yes it was anger but it was unleashed by anxiety. It was anxiety. And the fact no one tried to understand made it worse. Idk about your behaviors but I know suppression and anxiety made for an explosive combo. I know the difference of metals.

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I let the workers know and they fixed it quickly and I believe it was an honest mistake. I don’t know if this has anything to do with why I struggle with letting anyone teach me anything now. Like I was really lazy not to do that, but now that I think about it, it’s weird for a parent not to teach these things and even weirder to then shout at and try to humiliate your child for not knowing. I feel very bad because this isn’t your fault at all and now you have to pay for it. He needs to pay for and arrange to have the wall repaired. The plumbers left at 3:30 with no answers to how long the hole in the wall would be there, the general contractor was long-gone at this point and we didn’t have his contact information. Our landlord says she will investigate, getting back to us at 01/28 5:00pm saying that “plumbers will be installing a new hot water heater for your unit tomorrow” at 10am and asking if anyone will be here (no one would because we were all at work). 01/27/2020 5:00pm I get home and notice our hot water is out again.

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To skip the negotiations, my roommate agreed to take a day off work yesterday 01/30/2020. She said they would be there at 8:30am and it would take 3hrs. They show up at 9:30am and worked for 6 hours installing the water heater. You then run the coax down the outside wall to the side of the hole and slightly below so it can make a loop and go upwards into the hole so water will drip off the loop and not run into the hole. As I understand it, the modern dual flush system is easier to fix, just buy the parts can already. De-solder, go SLT buy the same capacitance, solder back. This is just to generate some ideas as there are many more details in actually doing all this. I became more sensitive but I haven’t had but one outburst these past 4 years. It made me feel like I was a danger to people including myself (as one time my dad made me so angry I punched myself in the forehead leaving a very defined bruise).

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I remember one time my dad had to do the weekly shop because she (nmom) was away and he brought the wrong kind of cat food, and she just went on and on about how he can’t be trusted to do the shopping, making out like he was completely useless and stupid. His step dad used to lock him outside like a dog and make him sleep on the porch. Lately I just use a simple hole through the outside and inside wall drilled at a slight upward angle from the outside in. The temperature of our apartment has dropped several degrees due to the access to the outside (due to construction the garage door does not close all the way). If talking about changing your main door one to digital, dont bother..most likely need to mod the original lobang so you need the tools. The bad behavior was not finishing her meal so she should be punished with not getting the fun/last part of her meal until she finishes the main part- what would an Elsa doll have anything to do with that?

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