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It’s because we are looking for the smallest of those measurements so that when you order a window, it will be sure to fit and not be too large for the actual size of the window opening. This is important because no window manufacturer will accept responsibility for incorrect measurements and you will still have to pay for a window that doesn’t fit. The depth measurement doesn’t affect the whole process by much, as most windows have similar depth. For one, you won’t have to worry about ordering windows. Use the smallest of these three height measurements when ordering your window. So it makes sense, when updating older homes to maintain a traditional look through the use of grids and trim. If you’re thinking about replacing your windows, contact Nu Look Home Design for a free in-home estimate. Professional window installers have the tools and experience to ensure your new windows not only look beautiful, but function and perform exactly as they’re designed to. The last thing you want is to order replacement windows and realize they’re too small or too big for your opening. Transom windows and skylights provide ambient light without compromising privacy. These provide privacy without the need for window coverings.

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When you’re done, you will also need to round down the numbers. If you’re planning a window replacement, make sure you measure (and double measure) your windows. In a child’s bedroom, opening only the top sash of a double hung window for ventilation can add an extra measure of safety. Step 1 – Measure Width: First you need to measure the width of the window. The depth is the last thing you’ll need to measure before you can order your replacement windows. When you are dealing with vinyl windows, or any replacement windows you will need to ensure you are accurate when you need to measure window size, especially the depth. Like horizontal sliding windows, they also can be a good choice above a sink or counter—their crank systems allow for easy one-handed operation. If you have walkways or paths near your windows, you may want to consider windows that don’t open out (such as horizontal sliders, single hungs and double hungs). Some double hung window models have tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning. On first floors, you may have security concerns.

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NOTE: Ignore all pulleys and parting strips that may exist when measuring for depth dimensions, as they’ll be removed when installing the replacement window. 1. With your measuring tape, measure the left side of your window from the high point of the sill (the surface closest to the inside of your window) to the top of the window opening. 2. You can measure your window depth in several different places, but in general, the depth should be at least 3 ¼ inches. There is usually a minimum depth required for installing a specific replacement window or storm window, but as long as the depth is larger than that minimum, you do not need an exact measurement. 1. Start at the top of your window and use your measuring tape to measure the width of your window, from the surface of one jamb to the surface of the other (not from the trim strips or from the parting beads. If a table, for instance, is going to be placed in front of a window, consider a casement window that can be opened and closed with one hand from a crank at the bottom of the window.

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Our DIY efforts had kept us going for weeks, but now it had failed. This means your window manufacturer can get an accurate view of the exact size of the space the finished product will be fitted into. Note: For a French patio door, be sure to consider how you want to use the interior space near it. Sliding glass doors (standard or French-style) are a great way to bring in the view without the swing space required by an ordinary door or French patio door. Assembled in configurations, windows and patio doors can create a wonderful sense of openness that brings the outdoors in and can actually make a room seem larger than it is. Think about what furniture or other furnishings you might put in front of a window or patio door inside your house. Next to the style of a house (colonial, Cape Cod, ranch, modern), windows are the biggest factor in determining how your home looks to the outside world.