How To Get Rid Of Raccoons Effectively

Raccoons will take anything you give them (if you’re really that interested in feeding wild animals) and aren’t picky; after all, they’re omnivores and we all know how well they can dumpster dive. The scientists of the Michigan State University Extension give some clues to help you understand whether you are dealing with raccoons, moles or skunks. Did we mention that raccoons prefer the nightlife like the thieves they are? Yup! Homeowners often don’t even know what happened because of the way raccoons deal with things. By now, you should everything you need to know to eliminate and repel them from your barn. If you know where they eat or nest, spray plenty there. It provides a safe, warm, and cozy place to nest, sleep, and eat. As with many types of nuisance animals and pests, the best way to get rid of raccoons is to not invite them in in the first place. Yes, a raccoon may like your attic for its warm and quiet atmosphere, but without a nearby food supply, chances are you wouldn’t have a raccoon investigating your home in the first place.

Baiting the trap with a sweet food that does not appeal to pets or hard-to-handle animals such as porcupines is the best way to make sure you do not have complicating issues when you have to transport and then release the animal. Once the coon is trapped, take the animal at least 10 miles from your home and release him into the wild (make sure that the surrounding area is raccoon-friendly). Otherwise, some strong, but natural smells which you get from essential oils can keep raccoons away from your home and they will not only be safe for your family, but actually please them too. The important thing is to keep at it until they go away. Raccoon traps are probably the best thing you can get to help with raccoon removal. The last thing you want to do is add a monetary fine or criminal charge to this already difficult experience.

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Add additional spices, garlic, or onion to make it stronger and more effective. Of course, before resorting to this method you should first try to get rid of the raccoons using more peaceful means. You might have to try a few of these tips before you can get raccoons to stay away for good. Because of their intelligence and general cuteness, raccoons have always been a favorite critter in folklore and mythology. When raccoons are living in your attic they have to do their business somewhere. Keeping your lawn mowed and making sure you have a separation between flower beds and shrubs will help keep raccoons at bay. Both methods are highly effective at keeping raccoons out of your garbage – and consequently out of your yard. The good news is there are effective methods of getting rid of these pests and keeping them away. Despite their cute appearance, these pests can be vicious if cornered and will defend themselves from what they believe is a threat (i.e. you).

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Stand behind the cage so it opens in the opposite direction and facing shrubbery or foliage that the raccoon can run into right away. Call your local wildlife authority or do some research before taking this step to ensure that you’re in the right. Besides, they kinda look like they’re up to no good, right? They’ll go through your garbage like a hot knife through butter. Raccoons are devils. They will literally take something of yours and steal it, or maybe they’ll just destroy it. All of these are pretty large issues but the strongest reason behind having to get rid of them – is home invasion. The biggest problems from raccoons usually come from when they find their way into your home. Be prepared to find raccoon poop when you wake up. Also, get the larger ones so there’s more than enough space for the raccoon to fit. They portray these creatures as smart, and cute as a button but fail to show what a paint these animals can be (more on this later).

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