How To Get Rid Of Raccoons: Cost & DIY Tips

In Ohio, for example, it’s illegal to relocate any animal with a high potential for rabies, like skunks, raccoons, and bats. The rare raccoon that has contracted rabies is a potential danger, but again, this is rare. These animals can become ferocious and might even carry rabies. The heavier the object on top of your trash cans the better or you can place them in an even surface which they can’t easily be knocked over. They can stay in your wood stock, chimney and even the garage. You’ll probably see these small footprints around your trash, garden, and garage. It may seem simple, like in the above picture, but so many things can go wrong, and almost all attempts I see by homeowners are laughable at best, but harmful to animals and property at worst. Other common sources of food are your goldfish, if you have a pond, or the compost pile, which may attract raccoons due to the smell. You may trap other animals too or, in some cases, a poorly set trap could harm or kill the raccoon.

These sly animals are easily attracted to melon rinds and corn cobs so if they have found your garbage containers it is very difficult to shoo them away. Some of the indications of these pesky animals’ invasion are damaged crops (primarily watermelon and corn), ripped shingles and haphazard gardens. Nonetheless, there are still preventative measures you can take. Is there an effective raccoon repellent out there? Therefore using this repellent spray is a good solution. Alternatively, you can spray household products like mint or mustard oil around the base. To learn about chemical products you can use to keep raccoons away, and which ones to avoid, read on! Keep in mind that the repulsive odor diminishes over time which is why you will have to re-apply the product repeatedly. This product will be sprayed onto the yard, garden, or other high traffic digging areas preventing the raccoons from tasting their grubs.

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons: Cost & DIY Tips Smelly garbage might require

They are afraid of people and will generally not approach anyone. Raccoons are not only a pest and burden but are dangerous creatures because of the many traits they possess. First, raccoons are nocturnal creatures. One possible idea is to install a motion detector near your garbage bin that would instantly turn on if anybody is at close range or you can try to use a water hose or sprinkler that would automatically spray if its sensors are touched. Smelly garbage might require you to seal it twice or use several layers of containers before throwing them away into the bin. Seal off your chimney. Place a temporary cover when the raccoons leave on their nightly search for food, and make a permanent seal later. If you don’t have one you can just put something heavy on top of the can to make sure they won’t be able to tumble it down or try to squeeze them in.

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons: Cost & DIY Tips use several layers of containers

You can also try putting your old clothes on top of the garbage can to let them smell the scent of a person. Try to spread ammonia on top of the lid or try to use moth balls around the area to cover the smell of garbage. Keep raccoons out of your trash can by ensuring your can lid is fixed in place or weighing it down with a rock or heavy object. The lid should be heavy enough so that no animal can easily tip off or unfasten the lid. One useful tip is to use cans with fitted, heavy metal lids. One helpful tip is also to use a spotlight with heat sensors so it will just automatically illuminates the area if it senses heat. Do not expose your garbage in an open area where they can easily find a way in. If raccoons can find a way to make a safe nest for themselves in your attic, or between your walls, or anywhere there is space for them to be safe from the elements and bring up their young, they will use it. Techniques And Exclusions: Catching raccoons in cages is about the only way you can be sure to dispose of them in a safe and humane way.

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