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If you’ve waited too long and the wood is weathered and gray the fence can be sanded to remove it or it can be washed with specialty cleaners and some sanding before application of finish coats. On the other hand, raw, rough wood is happy to have a coat of stain where paint will require sanding and smoothing of the surface. Rain gutters typically run along the front edge of the roof and, much like wood trim, respond well to a coat of paint to freshen them up. However, the directions for use should be carefully read and attended to, and a test in an unnoticeable area should be done, to make sure that color will not run or fade. A fence that runs along the front of the property, however, such as a decorative picket fence, should be given a fresh coat of paint to make it sparkle. However, after a time the wood’s finish will begin to degrade, making it necessary to apply a fresh coat of stain.

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In most cases, solid-color stains are like traditional paint and need just one coat to protect your fence. Make repairs and give it a new coat of paint or stain before you put your home on the market. Even if you wish to preserve the natural colour of wood then transparent wood stains are available which simply give a shine to the wooden surface. Mow your yard, trim your shrubs, and remove any weeds, even if it’s the middle of winter. Clean up the junk in your yard, especially if you have children. There are thousands of bad reviews and some lawsuits have caused me to come to one conclusion. Most side yard fences are hardly visible front the front and can be left to weather in their own natural way. Thankfully, 90% of the wood on fences is verticle facing unlike all the horizontal boards on a deck. Should I use a wood brightener on a new fence or deck?

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If you’d like to know roughly how long it takes to stain a fence or how much it costs to stain a fence, I’ve got a post covering both of these here: How Much Does It Cost To Stain A Fence? Stain that is applied to a damp, moist surface won’t adhere well, and will crack or peel. ” Well, there are a few options. A few minor improvements can lead to a real increase in the number of people who view your home and a much quicker sale. Galvanized metal can be primed with any good primer. Aluminum and galvanized metal gutters take paint well. Use a paintbrush to catch drips and work paint into hard-to-reach areas. Place a drop cloth below or next to the fence to catch debris, dripping paint or overspray. Stain tends to show its wear a little more pleasantly than paint. Basically, your wood needs to be clean and dry to apply the stain. You should wait at least three weeks after installation before you stain your fence; this allows the new wood to settle and open its pores allowing the wood to absorb the stain better. It is easy to get confused if you’ve never used one before, but they are not the same thing as other wood treatment products: a fence stain has a purpose, and that purpose might vary depending on the exact product you are looking at.

If possible, try and get a sample of the stain prior to applying it to the whole fence. After hours of research, another thing I found out is that you will want a stain that is oil-based. You want your yard to look neat and clean. Ask your contractor what else she or he notices in your front yard that might benefit from a touch a fresh paint. And for the sake of your skin and clothes, don’t lean up against or touch that face until it’s completely dry. As soon as you are finished, ask your real estate agent to re-take the listing picture. When I became a real estate agent in 1999, the market in St. George, Utah, was absolutely horrible. There are other things a painting contractor could do for you if they are already there with power washing equipment, such as power washing your driveway and sidewalks to spruce them up. Keep your driveway and sidewalks swept and clean.

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It is also a good idea to have pet toys and chews to keep them entertained while they are out. While you have your home for sale, keep your garage door down at all times. Disconnect the garden hose and store it in the garage. Remove and clean your window screens, but store them in the garage. Consider hiring professional window cleaners; they’re fast, they do a great job, and, usually, their services are reasonably priced. If you are determined to sell my house fast, make sure to take the following steps. A simple task like repainting faded curb numbers can make a difference. Because we’re in a buyer’s market, curb appeal is especially important today. It would take six months to a year for an attractive home to sell, and unattractive homes with poor curb appeal or poor landscaping wouldn’t sell at all. Emotion sells homes, and emotional appeal starts at the street. But, buyers simply would not walk through the door to look at the inside of the homes – mainly because the homes had no emotional appeal. People will quickly begin to notice the difference in the appearance of your house, and you can expect an upsurge in attention from prospective buyers.

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