A Look At The Most Common Vegetable Garden Pests

First, we need to identify the type of bug that you are dealing with. Lady bugs and some type of wasps can be a help by eating harmful pests that can damage your bushes. One of the biggest defenses against pests are other bugs. If you happen to see one or two bugs, you can pick them off and kill them yourself. If you see any, don’t buy that plant or the ones next to it. Which ones you should attract really depend on what you are growing. Ladybugs, praying mantises, and lacewings are all beneficial insects. The most efficient way to remove small bugs such as aphids and mites is to spray the plants with the hose, using a strong stream of water to wash the insects off. Spray it on the plants, and then rinse off. If you observe the leaves wilting on your plants, look for a hole in the stem where a borer has drilled into the plant.

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Look for gardening clubs or workshops in your community; gardeners are always eager to give advice. You can also look up your local Cooperative Extension Office, which offers advice in cooperation with local universities. You can deter them from getting near your precious plants in a variety of ways. They prevent pests from getting access to your plants. Some plants keep bugs away and planting them next to your tasty plants is a good idea. Some examples of barriers are to cut the top and bottom out of coffee cans and push them into the soil around tender young plants to keep cutworms away, or use fine netting to cover your plants to protect them from grasshoppers or birds. Proper soil for your flowers, herbs, or vegetables you’re growing. Growing these vegetables yourself is wonderful because then you know what chemicals or pesticides, if any, have been applied to the plants. The Solution: You can squish the bugs between your fingers if you’re not like me and have a bug phobia. Not only are they plagued by mealy bugs and aphids, they are also vulnerable to red spider mites.

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They eat aphids, scales, and mites. These predatory insects control aphids, mites and many other pests. Many resources have been expended searching for ways to control aphids. Ants also feed on the honeydew so if you pay attention to the presence of a lot of ants in your garden you may find aphids have also taken up residence as well. Many aphids only feed on one particular species of plants while others feed on many hundreds. Plant them in a border around your garden and between your garden plants. Many gardeners believe that the crowning glory in their garden is the rose. Rose bush care is pretty easy if you understand what they need. By understanding a few tips you can be a successful gardener of the rose bush. Then find a few tips and tricks to send those pests packing! To get rid of them, use a hose to wash off the bugs and then spritz on some contact poison. If you are being bugged by bugs then organic garden sprays will solve your problem!

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Attract or get some lady bugs in your garden. Not all insects in your garden are harmful. In reality just 10% of the all the insects in your garden may cause harm. Grubs will cause your plants to droop, and may stunt their growth. Remember that healthy plants will need less help from you with fighting pests, so make sure that your plants are well-fed and have adequate water. If the borer is discovered near the base, you will have to remove the entire plant and destroy it. Go out early in the morning or late in the evening when it’s cool, and remove any tomato hookworms, potato bugs, Japanese beetles, slugs or other harmful insects that you find. Tomato gardeners say that borage also enhances the flavor of tomatoes grown nearby. Where you put tomatoes this year put squash or corn in the next year. Similarly, the tomato fruitworm will chow down on the interior of eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. With the organic planting method you get to keep the pests off the tomato plants but you can also eat the plants as well.

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Crop rotation is the method of planting a different crop in a given area of your garden each year. Crop rotation is especially helpful in preventing plant diseases. The sap that is removed by the aphids causes the plant to lose its vitality. But how to you get rid of aphids on your succulent plants once you determine that is what you are dealing with? They may also be spread by people who transport plants that contain these pests. Just make sure that you follow package directions correctly since they can be harmful to people if not used properly. You can also buy artificial sprays to treat and prevent black spot. Know your enemies. This is the first step in making your organic garden sprays. There are actually two kinds of organic garden sprays. The one that helps in plant growth called the foliage sprays and the organic pesticides. This is called deadheading.

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